6 Keys to Success

6 Essential Business Keys To Success

 How to Implement them into Your Business for Your Business Success!

1 Sales Strategic Marketing
2 Business Finance
3 Business Strategy
4 Business Operations
5 People
6 Business Systems

You don’t know what you don’t know.

Many small business’ start life because the founder has invented , developed or acquires some form of specialised knowledge system or know how. They then start a company that delivers a service or product, and often do pretty well until they reach a wall. This wall slows them down or stops them and is made up entirely of ‘stuff they don’t know’. The truth is you cant know everything and you cant keep up with everything while your busy building your business. So that is what we are here for to help you quickly overcome the obstacles that are slowing your business down. We do this by giving you easy to follow process’s with step by step guidance on how to implement a proven systems for each of the 6 essential keys to business success.

1 Sales Strategic Marketing

Have you ever experienced ineffective marketing; lower than expected profits & clients not converting?Have you ever felt you’ve tried everything, left feeling lost due to a lack of solid advice?

Before you begin any form of marketing or sales campaign you need to develop a strategy that is thought through from start to finish.

  1. Create Your Market Dominating Position, otherwise your message is going to be drowned out by your competition.
  2. Develop strategies that best utilise your Market Dominating Position.
  3. Apply the Marketing Equation – so your message is effective causing clients to take ACTION!
  4. Test and Implement Strategies – find out which ones are most effective.
  5. Train Your Staff how to work with these strategies including closing techniques.
  6. Develop new strategies.
2 Business Finance

Ever felt your business is growing your working harder but you don’t seem to be seeing the financial rewards you hoped for?

How many of you rely on your accountant for your finance advice? Accountants are trained to do a nice looking P&L that is required as part of their role but this way of looking at your numbers has little to do with what is really going on and required in your business.

Remember the saying turnover is vanity net profits are sanity?

We have a way of looking at your finances that will cut through the confusion I will guide you on the 3 magic numbers you need to focus on that will if applied correctly will increase your profits by an average of 30%+ at the same time make your business more stable and guide you to finding the right clients.

3 Business Strategy

What is the overall strategy for your business? is it to earn a comfortable living or is it to builds serious value and sell to a larger organisation as a strategic purchase for enormous value?

think for a moment less than 20% of business’s are able to be sold when the owner retires. Most business owners are sorely disappointed when they want to sell their business. This can all change by putting in place a few simple strategies today!

This can make the difference between closing down your business or selling it for huge profits, this is not just about positioning its also about structure.

4 Business Operations

If you have a business that makes a bottled juice and station A.) fruit preparation can process 10 liters a minute and station B.) the juicer can process 10 liters a minute then station C.) can do 5 liters every 2 minutes. How much can you produce per hour? The answer is as much as your slowest station. Other restrictions can be logistics, software, people skills, culture, tradition etc.

Most bottle necks are not as obvious as this example and it may surprise you to know how many bottle necks are hidden  within your business.

This can be the difference between your business  being ready for serious growth and scale-ability, often it needs a complete rethink if you truly want to scale your business and make big rewards.

5 Business Team Your People

Good choice of your team is the lifeblood of your business get this wrong and your out

Can’t get good people

Whats your selection process like?
Whats Your cultural integration process like?
Whats your communication process look like?

do you have systems for this? If not your in luck we have a process that makes this easy.
6 Systems

Much of what we offer probably falls under systems from marketing and sales systems, forms, contracts, hiring systems, strategy etc as it all needs to be in an easy to access manual so your company follows the templates for success. The end goal i success in order to achieve this you need organisation and clarity and that’s what we deliver.