Making An Investment In art: What You Must Know

Exciting JV Opportunities in The World of High Ticket Modern Art


Like any business you have to know how it works beneath the surface to uncover the true opportunities. If you dont undertsand the busienss model you wont know where the opportiuniteis are, for example what commission do big ticket art galleries charge on sale sof art? How much does the artist actually earn? What are the best ways to negotiate a JV opportunity in this mysterious industry? How do you present new art to hig net worth and ultra high net worth buyers. collectors and investors?  If you have the right strategic approach you might be surprised by the outcomes that are achievable.  

So if you are intrigued or inspired by modern art and would like to know how you can make a serious busienss from it contact me now!

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Reasons to  Invest in Art Capital Growth PotentialWhen isolated, the contemporary art segment of the Mei Moses Art Index reveals that contemporary | Investing in Art – Maddox Gallery


The First Investment Platform For Fine Art: 

Masterworks is a unique investing platform that allows average Joes to invest in Picasso’s, Monet’s, and Warhol’s. Yep, multi-million dollar paintings are something you can actually get in on.

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Prices of paintings

Prices of paintings. Statistics auction sales of works of Russian artists: paintings, sculptures, antiques. risk Indicators. Prices for paintings. Buy a picture. How much is the picture.


Decoding Art Investing: Q&A With Philip Hoffman, CEO of Fine Art Group

Philip Hoffman, former deputy CEO at Christie’s and the founder of London-based Fine Art Group, discussed the ins and outs of art advisory and art investment in an exclusive interview with Observer.


Investing in art is your safest bet right now

Investing in art: The billionaires are buying it – and you should be too. Here’s why you should be putting your money into your art collection.

Value Investing Definition

Value investors like Warren Buffett select undervalued stocks trading at less than their intrinsic book value that have long-term potential.

Art Investing In the News

It’s Wednesday, so there’s another giant mural coming to Milwaukee

“We think that the concept by Case is a great fit for the Dye House.”


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Witmer Fine Art Advisors Inc. President Michel Cox Witmer on some of the high-end art pieces up for auction.

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Practices on Investing in yourself New Art Talk every Monday Morning http://www.silvertoons.com/store/ My website: http://www.silvertoons.com Silver Drawing …


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Art Ally, founder and president of Timothy Plan, talks about Biblically responsible investing. See more at http://theDove.us Originally aired on theDove TV &…


In Closing…

Investing Secrets The Pros Don’t Want You To Find Out

Though market fluctuations can certainly make the realm of art investing somewhat harrowing occasionally, it is really easy to generate substantial income by being inside the game. To increase your wealth potential by using art, it is necessary to research your options. Start out with the recommendations below and never stop learning.

The best way is to be in the industry if you want to find out how and end upwith a unique high value JV opportunity then get in touch