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BGA Academy  Business Growth Accelerator Strategic Marketing – Disclaimer 

 is fully owned and run by the consultants.  

is a portal for accredited, registered GrowthAccelerator

GrowthAccelerator provides a framework to help you:

Plan & execute a successful growth strategy

Unlock your capacity for innovation
Harness the power of your people

Further support for seeking new routes to funding & investment can also be covered

What you get as part of the Service:

One of our accredited GrowthAccelerator Coach’s who will work with you to help you accelerate the growth of your business.
There is also access to attend workshops and master-classes.

Exclusive access to 50% matched funding for each of your senior managers to hone their leadership and management skills. T

his helps your team shape up to drive your business forward. This means you can get coaching services paid for and on top of it you’ll get match funding for training your top team.
Some Counties you will get an additional plan of implementation coaching.

 coaches who have been approved by www.peraconsulting.com. for more information on how this Government backed program works see  

The business coaches are not a regulated or licensed investment or financial adviser and as such are not authorized to, and makes no claim to give any form of financial, investment or tax advice. Regarding any financial, investment or tax issues you should seek advice from relevant professionals. Whilst we endeavor to provide accurate, up to date and complete information, we make no warranties or representations as to the accuracy, reliability or completeness or otherwise of the information and assume no responsibility or liability for any omissions or errors. As such, all information provided by 

 and its coaches, trainers or consultants should be only be regarded as an indicator and a general guide and should not be relied on as a statement, recommendation or representation of fact.

Payment terms of business 7 days from invoice.

Consultancy & Coaching
I only work with clients who are intent on success with this in mind I have the following rules and terms.

Priority The Client agrees to make any coaching arrangement a priority and fully commit to the process. Client agrees to follow up with all assignments and complete as agreed.
Transfer or Assignment: In the event the Client sells, transfers, or assigns his/her business to another party, this agreement will remain in force subject to the current terms and conditions unless an acceptable (to all parties involved) agreement, settlement, or buyout is reached.
Confidentiality and Integrity: It is agreed that any and all information pertaining to the Client’s business and the systems, strategies, and methodologies implemented by the Consultant remain confidential between the Client and the Consultant, and will not be shared with any other party(ies). It is also agreed that the honesty and integrity of both the Client and the Consultant are of utmost importance, and that prompt and proper reporting of results and income be made highest priority. In the event it is determined that pertinent information or income is not reported, is withheld or is modified, this agreement will no longer be in effect, the Client will immediately cease using all installed systems, strategies, and methodologies, and the Client grants permission for the Consultant to use any and all information in Consultant’s possession with any other prospects or clients. Payment Terms Client agrees to pay promptly to terms agreed or as stated on this website, and we never have to chase you for money.

In the event that payment is withheld or client refuses or fails to pay (resulting in a dispute over payment of fees) then:
a.) Client grants permission for the Consultant to use any and all information in Consultant’s possession with any other prospects or clients.
b.) Client lose all rights to use any work completed by consultant.
c.) Consultant will retain all rights to know how and systems consultant has worked on or helped to develop developed or co developed with client

Coaching/Consultancy agreements are usually in the form of  a set contracts with an agreed scope of work over a set time period or for that scope of work on an open monthly agreement.  These agreements are limited to the scope in each project or set contractual agreement, any additional work requested outside the scope of that agreement will be billed at a daily rate of £500 – £1,000 per day depending upon the type of work requested.

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