Congratulations… Now Find Your Market Dominating position ….everything you learned about marketing WRONG

Congratulations in booking your FREE £10k Challenge, Watch this video it will help prepare your thinking for our £10k Challenge meeting. Its about an hour long but it will be worth your watching it it will change the way you look at marketing forever. You may also want to consider the questions below in preparation for our meeting.

Find Your Market Dominating position everything you learned about marketing WRONG

The 10 Questions

1. How is your product/service offering different from your competitors… (what is your Unique Selling Proposition)?

2. What marketing materials do you have to promote your business?

3. What marketing mediums do you use and how much do you spend?

4. Would you describe these marketing mediums as effective in reaching your core target market?

5. Do you have a website?

6. How many clients are in your database?

7. What is the most profitable aspect of your business?

8. What is your average sales value per transaction?

9. What is your average gross profit % per transaction?

10. How many enquiries do you get per day / week / month?