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Big Opportunities

So here we are, a line of surfers, all waiting in the water bobbing around, much as you do in life, if you don’t have a plan!. Secretly we were all waiting and hoping for that giant mama of a wave. Now you can wait a long time for one of those giant mama waves and maybe get no action. In reality when the first decent sized wave comes along, we all scramble on our boards and start paddling madly as fast as we can, positioning ourselves, in front of the wave. We do this in order to gain enough momentum, which in business is like gaining momentum through knowledge. Once we have gained enough momentum and the wave starts to lift us, we get up and stand on our boards. If we have been coached well, the more skill we have. The more skill, the more effective your technique, the better start and more energy goes into your ride. Of course you need the skills required to avoid the business obstacles that you will meet… … Shock No 2… Everything You’ve Ever Heard About Generating Leads For Your Business Is WRONG!

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Overcome business obstacles a
Overcome unexpected business obstacles

When the right skills find opportunity you get more “LUCKY”
its Not Practice That Makes Perfect… Its Perfect Practice

Then as we approach the shallow water and the beach our ride comes to an end as we step off the board we are full of energy and a sense of adventure ready for another go. Now watching from the beach it’s interesting to notice that really good surfers don’t need to wait for the big mama waves because their skill is so good they seem to be able to surf in on the smallest of waves. The point being if your coached well you may find the opportunities are all around you and if your skill is good you will always be able to capitalize on them.

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Skills & Momentum – Our job is to give you the skills so that you get your market dominating position

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