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Video SEO & SEM Marketing How it can grow Your Business!

How to Buy Your First Business Inside of 99 Days, CASH FREE!

want ME to write YOUR copy? ...write your COPY in under 10 minutes... 

Yes, headlines, video scripts, email sequences, ad copy and more... And the cost or normal copywriters is out of reach for most people.  

So, we've been working on a secret project the past few months to make getting ALL of the copy for YOUR funnels REALLY EASY.  

Want to see a demo of 'Funnel Scripts' in action? >> Perfect Copy 

Thanks, Brian ...they are limiting how many copies of 'Funnel Scripts' - so you've got to act fast if you want to get your hands on this new software tool!

Learn Exactly How We Grow Your Business and Increase Your Sales:

My name is Brian Richard, I will show you in person exclusively how to increase your sales via list above. We are not like others leaving you alone reading the manual... We are hands on and we are with you in person every step of the way. You are not left to fend for your self studying online courses alone we will be guiding you in person and at events to put what you learn into practice and reality.... 'its not practice that makes perfect ... its perfect practice that makes perfect!'  

I am an entrepreneur, business growth expert coach, angel investor panelist, marketing expert & freeman of the City of London, one of my companies Listed on the stock exchange. Ive coached entrepreneurs in both USA nd UK...

Business Growth Sales and Marketing Coaching

In Person Help and Support Package + Raising Investment..

We Actually Help You In Person To Increase Your Sales. We We Will Actually Take You To Exhibitions To Increase Your Sales. We Will Show You How To Increase Your Potential Customers And Convert your Leads In To paying Clients. We Will Show You How To Increase Your Website Traffic. We Will Create An Impressive Linkedin Profile For You And Your Company. 

  • Sales Coaching In person at WeWork, (500 Visitors) City of London
  • Ask the Expert Calls (Business Growth Strategies)
  • Exhibit at The Business Show ExCeL & Olympia from £200
  • Linkedin Coaching and Training Program
  • Full SEO & Marketing Audit (Monthly Progress Tracking)
  • Market Dominating Position & Strategy
  • Google Business Marketing Training (inc Page 1 Ranking)
  • YouTube Video Strategy Marketing (inc Page 1 Ranking)
  • One Minute Business Pitch to (500 Visitors) City of London (Video)

Ask the Expert, Simple Stuff that Works

Your One Minute Business Pitch

Our Coaching & Events Marketing Package Special

Sales Coaching In person at WeWork, (500 Visitors) City of London  

We Actually Help You In Person To Increase Your Sales. We We Will Actually Take You To Exhibitions To Increase Your Sales. We Will Show You How To Increase Your Potential Customers And Convert your Leads In To paying Clients. 

Linkedin Training Program  

Do You Know The Potential of Linked in? Do You Know about the 1% Group? That only 1% are fully optimising Linked-in and I’m here to tell you they are all doing very well. Linked-in is a high value network with over 500 million subscribers. If you don’t know how to get into the 1% Group you are missing out! Our program teaches you fast how. Plus follow up coaching with regular conversion strategy updates to keep you on track and ahead of the curve. Get the right connections fast, get the full impact Linked in has to offer. You could be just one click away from finding your perfect high end client and your perfect joint venture partners.

Google Business Marketing Training

Once you have done this part of our training you will know the secret of how to get your website on page one of google in the organic search traffic and using a stategy that is effective, and converts prospects into buyers. We cover SEO (search engine optimisation) for organic rankings, SEM (search engine marketing) paid advertising or PPC (pay per click) or CPM (cost per impression) marketing. Google + Google My Business and many more Google Tools.

Ask the Expert Calls (Business Growth Strategies)  

Do you know the difference between tacticle and strategic marketing? Have you identified your market dominating position (MDP) for your business products and services? Have you identified 7 key marketing strategies to maximise your Market Dominating Position? 

Full SEO & Marketing Audit 

At the start of this program we complete an indepth marketing audit including your website SEO, to quickly identify valuable information about your business growth journey ahead. We do these audits for two reasons: 1. Establish where your business is today to quickly accurately identify the key targets to focus our attention for optimum strategic advantage for fastest growth. 2. We repeat the SEO audit with monthly updates that show you the improvements graphically in great detail. You can now track and measure your business growth improvements over the year. If you can’t measure it, its difficult establish improvement!  

YouTube Video Strategy Marketing 

YouTube video is the 2nd biggest search engine. We will show you how optimise video to rank in YouTube and Google's first page. The key video styles you need to know: Business Review Videos, Whiteboard Video, Explainer Videos, Live Actor Videos , Expert Interview Videos when and how to use these tools seamlessly so they interrupt, inform and educate your customers. We also cover how a good Review Catcher strategy works as well as YouTube Channel & Video SEO.

Discounted Exhibit Stand at WeWork, (500 Visitors) City of London  

Do you have a reliable source of leads? How effectively are you converting those leads? We will show you the best strategies for your industry, and how to convert them. We will show you the most profitable secret that 90% of business's miss completely 

Market Dominating Position & Strategy

We start the program by working directly with you to establish your market dominating position. Once we have determined this we can find the best way to position your business and the strategies to employ. In order to establish we need to establish 3 key targets.1. ) We need to identify your ideal target client, what they like what they do where they congregate etc. 2. We need to understand the conversation that is taking place inside your clients head. 3.) We need to establish your value propositions and position your business offering directly on target. So your clients says inside their head is 'I would have to be an idiot not to use your services.' 

SalesPresentations to 500+ City of London

As a final sweetener to this value packed proposal we will give you the One minute Pitch present to 500 people each Month in the City of London. This is an excellent opportunity for you to get more exposure to a business audience to fine tune your elevator pitch to be succinct and match the strategies we are teaching you... you will learn is that it doesn’t take much time to make a sales… just the right strategy, words and emphasis… just takes the right strategy, words and emphasis.

...its not Practice that makes Perfect... its Perfect Practice that makes Perfect!

Here is how we increase your profits:

Moneyback guraantee if you are unsatisfied for any reason!

Moneyback guraantee if you are unsatisfied for any reason! We respect your email privacy!  

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What is being said about our approach

I was launching a new health yoga project and found the online marketing world not only confusing but illusive. I had had some success connecting with potential clients and manged an initial launch of c. £6,000 then I used BgaAcademy for Marketing and Presentation Coaching and my first main launch not only sold over £27,500 in 7 days but many of those clients remained with me and have since purchased 3 or more main products from me instead of just one... not only did BgaAcadmey teach me the true value of the lifetime of a client and how monetize that. I also learned the real value of a good coach especially during critical marketing campaigns like launches and AdWords campaigns

Nancy J.

When meeting new clients my first approach is to do a dull marketing audit and SEO audit, typically I find the SEO presence to google is almost zero. Then when we discuss marketing activities I often hear ‘we spend £10k or £20k per month on AdWords and they do the social media too’. So I asked then what results they were getting. They will typically say ‘the results are good’ when I asked how they measured their results they often don’t have one... next when I ask what strategies are being employed with their marketing spend they start to look worried... What I’m establishing is the difference between tactical marketing (activities) v strategic marketing... the point is over 80% of small business’s need to learn this.

Brian R

When I discovered that you can get 10,000 views from video marketing in hours with a negligible spend I was completely blown away... I then started to learn about the detailed strategies on how to convert those views into paying clients and this I found another eye opener and what’s more hardly any businesses know how this is done. So working with the right strategies and the right message and the right google tools it is quite remarkable what can be achieved. I’ve been working in the online industry for over 10 years what BgaAcademy offer is the perfect kick starter for any small businesses sales and marketing campaign. If I were starting a new business today I would definitely take the ‘12 Months Sales and Marketing Coaching’ Package.

John R